Frequently Asked Questions

What are Holland Properties recommended tenant policies regarding pets and smoking?

Pets: We recommend allowing at least one small dog (less than 25 pounds) or one cat, with a substantial additional security deposit. Restricting pets from your property is the owners prerogative, however please be aware that a majority of the rental population owns a pet, and your vacancy can take several weeks longer to fill.

Smoking: We do not allow smoking of any kind inside any of Holland Properties units, including in the garage. Smoking is permitted outside only.

When will you receive your monthly statement and proceeds?

Our statements and owner checks are distributed by mail or through your owner portal around the 20th of each month. This allows time for the tenant checks to clear and all vendor bills to be paid before running statements.

How long does it take to rent a home?

The Portland area market has been great recently but there are several variables: the time of year, how aggressive is the price, location, market, restriction on pet(s). Once a current tenant give notice we try to start showings right away.

How do we set a rental price for the home?

Using a variety of sources available to us, we compare your home to similar homes of the same size and in the same area. We can provide you with a rent range prior to seeing your home and fine tune it depending on interior trim level, amenities and immediate neighborhood.

How much security deposit do you collect?

Our normal security deposit is close to one month’s rent. Some circumstances will require an additional security deposit (see tenant screening criteria). If there are pets we require an additional security deposit.

Do I have to allow a service or companion animal?

Holland Properties complies with all Fair Housing Laws. A service or companion animal is not considered a pet and must be allowed if the tenant otherwise meets the screening criteria, and provides proper documentation. No additional security deposit can be charged for a service or companion animal. This rule applies even if you have stated no pets in your rental.

How will my property be marketed?

We list the vacancy on our website and dozens of other sites mirror our advertisements. We also advertise on Craigslist and renew the ads as frequently as allowed.

How is maintenance handled on my property?

We use in-house maintenance for a variety of smaller tasks such as minor repairs, changing out smoke detectors or carbon monoxide detectors, etc.. For bigger, more involved tasks we use only licensed, insured and bonded contractors. We do not take any mark up’s or overrides on maintenance; their charges are passed on directly to you and you always receive invoice copies. We work with vendors to ensure competitive pricing and discounts, due to the volume of work we give them. It’s important that any vendors doing work inside an occupied home are licensed, bonded and insured. We get frequent bids to make sure we are receiving the most competitive prices.

What is our tenant screening process?

We require the prospective tenant to pay a $50 non-refundable application fee per adult to pay for the screening process. We run and review credit and criminal reports to insure it meets our criteria. We verify identification, rental references and proof of income. We insure that every potential tenant is screened the exact same way. Please see tenant screening criteria.

What happens if a tenant does not pay rent?

The rent is due by the 5th. We will quickly be in contact with the tenants to determine if something has happened to the payment. If, by the 8th the tenant has not paid, we will send a 72-hour notice and if needed, file the necessary court paperwork, attend court to obtain the eviction, and follow through with removal of the tenant if necessary. We offer an Eviction Protection Plan for $8 per month, per unit; which will cover the expense of an eviction up to trial. Ask for details.

How often do we inspect your property?

We do the first inspection approximately 3 months after we move in new tenants and follow up again 6 months later. If the first 2 inspections were “good” to “excellent” we will begin annual inspections. If any issues were found during either of the first 2 inspections, the inspection scheduled is compressed until the problems have been resolved. “Drive by” inspections occur more often. We also speak with our repair contractors to ask about general conditions, if repairs have been required.