Welcome to Holland Properties!

As a new or existing tenant, you share in the responsibilities of caring for the home. The owner, the landlord and the tenant must all play an active part in making sure the home stays in the condition you rented it in. Below is a list of some of your obligations to help prevent any future misunderstandings. For a complete list of your obligations, please refer to your lease agreement.

Security Deposit
You paid a security deposit as a surety that the property will be maintained as per the lease agreement you signed (excepting for normal wear and tear). If you do not fulfill your lease obligations your security deposit will be used to reimburse the owner for their loss. If your deposit does not cover the costs, you will be billed for the balance.

Holland Properties has a fiduciary responsibility to the owner to make sure your obligations are met. Holland Properties may be required to use some or all of your security deposits for the following reasons:

  • Not giving proper 30-day notice to move
  • Breaking a lease
  • Damage to property, fixtures, or landscaping
  • Not leaving the property in the same condition as when you rented it (excepting for normal wear and tear)
  • Carpet cleaning costs will be deducted from the security deposit upon move out, if applicable

A move out accounting and return of remaining deposit will be sent within 31 days as per Oregon Law.

Your rent is due on the 1st, and as per your rental agreement, a late fee will be assessed if rent is not received in our office by end of day on the 4th of the month. Holland Properties is not responsible for the mail service. To ensure your rent makes it to us on time we have multiple options available to you. We have a 24-hour drop box at our office, we have online rent payment and you are always welcome to come into our office during normal business hours.

Holland Properties has an agreement with the owner of the property to do periodic inspections. We will issue a 24-hour notice of inspection at least one day in advance. You are welcome to be there, but due to the number inspections, it is not possible to schedule a specific time. If you have changed the locks and we are unable to access the unit, you can be assessed a non-compliance fee. Any dogs must be secured to allow safe access.

Emergency Line
Holland Properties has a 24-hour emergency line: (503) 840-0565. In the case of serious injury or fire call 911!! If this is a police matter please call 911 or their non-emergency number. We carry this phone with us everywhere, if we don’t answer, please leave a message about the issue and your phone number.